Sectional Garage Door.

Sectional garage doors are very fashionable, being very practical, hermetic, insulating, with moderate prices and modern aesthetics. Comply with the regulations, provided they are equipped with fall arrest systems and installed correctly.

Available in various finishes, fluted white or smooth, lacquered, with panels or imitation wood.

They are a relatively inexpensive option ( price garage door sectional white corrugated finish, measures 3×2.5m from $ 582 plus VAT  (no installation, pedestrian door or motor).

I have recommended for private garages, community garages for medium and intensive traffic and access to plots. The possibility of the inscribed pedestrian door with an opening to the outside. They are an excellent option from my point of view and my own experience.

There are two models of motors for sectional garage doors, with installation in the roof with a chain track (there are also with a belt) and laterals with a pinion for a direct attack on the axle. The choice of one model or another will depend on the conditions that we find on site and whether it is for sporadic, medium or intensive use.

They are doors that work compensated by springs installed on their upper shaft, provided with two side pulleys, where they wind the steel cables, which are fixed to the lowest part of the sectional garage door, facilitating the climb. When we make the opening, the wire is wound on the pulleys thanks to the tension of the springs, and when it is lowered, it is unrolled by tensioning them again.

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This means that in the case of not being automatic, that is to say, that they work manually, it facilitates the ascent, by not having to carry the full weight of the sectional door.

Even when we open at half height do not fall suddenly due to gravity (as long as the springs are properly tensioned and the steel cables are not damaged, in this case, the anti-fall system should intervene, for safety).

We also have sliding sectional garage doors, which instead of once open to collect on the roof, its way of working is like that of a sliding door to use, with the peculiarity that we can save angles (see image below).

garage doors

Thus, in the case of finding barriers or obstacles in the roof of the garage, such as pipes or disguise will not prevent or hinder the installation of a sectional garage door.


In this case, the one to fix the sectional garage doors happens something similar to the swinging garage doors. Damaged springs, shafts or bearings for any of the reasons already mentioned.

We can also find that the steel cable that performs the work of balancing the sectional garage door has been broken, forcing its replacement. In the garage doors do not overflow, the same thing happens, but in the non-overflowing, this case is not given.

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