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Overflowing Garage Doors And Overflowing Garage Door.

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The overflow garage doors can only be installed as a replacement of old doors in poor condition that we already have installed.

By regulation, they can not be installed in new construction. Available in galvanized, lacquered or imitation wood finishes. Blind or pierced.

They are a relatively inexpensive option ( price garage door overflowing white, brown or beige finish, measures 3x2m from € 461 plus VAT without installation or engine).

Recommended for private garages or community garages for low-medium traffic (I insist that by regulation they are only suitable for replacing overflowing garage doors installed previously).

With the possibility of the inscribed pedestrian door with an opening to the outside also by regulation and to be able to comply with CE marking.

There are three models of motors for swinging garage doors , with installation on the leaf (as long as we do not have a pedestrian door, and the garage door is not overflowing), on the roof with a chain track as in the image (also the there are with strap) and lateral with opinion of direct attack to axis.

The choice of a motor model for swinging garage door or other will depend on the conditions that we find on site and whether it is for sporadic, medium or intensive use.

The overflowing garage doors were designed following the regulations that prohibited the installation of overflows (for safety, to avoid invading the street, with the consequent risk of running into pedestrians).

The finishes, recommendations of installation and motorization areas are identical to those mentioned in the previous paragraphs (overflowing).

From my point of view, both economically (almost equal conditions …) and aesthetically I prefer the sectional garage doors (of which we will discuss in the next position).

Price garage door swinging blind non-overflow, with a white finish, measures 3×2.2m from € 710 plus VAT. Installation, pedestrian door, and automation not included.

They are doors that work compensated by lateral springs (in the case of overflowing garage doors) or with springs installed on its upper shaft (in the case of non-overflowing tilt garage doors).

This means that in the case of not being automatic, that is to say, they work manually, it facilitates the uploading by not having to carry the full weight of the sheet. Even when we open at half height do not fall suddenly due to gravity (provided that the springs are correctly tensioned).

Another interesting fact regarding safety for garage doors. Fall protection systems, also required by regulations, are only feasible for installation in overflowing garage doors and sectional garage doors, in addition to pre-weight or counter-weight doors.


The most common faults, both overflowing and overflowing garage doors are usually the spring break or the slackening thereof.

Occasionally we can find that the arms or axes suffer the breakage of any of its joints, due to the passage of time and overwork.