We are a company dedicated exclusively to automatic doors, garage enclosures, commercial premises, industrial warehouses and farms in general. As well as the automation of all types of doors.
Our brands
We propose every day to have the best product on the market, which means that we rely on essential brands in the sector such as Automatismos Pujol, Novoferm, Collbaix, Emfa or Geze. Our commitment is not only for the quality of the products they offer, but also because we believe that having important pioneering factories in their sector behind guarantees not only the supply of the product, but also that there is a research team dedicated to innovate and improve each of these products to adapt as best as possible to the needs of our customers, which we as a direct contact, we care about to satisfy every day. In addition to our brands, we are not only selling known products but we seek, and so we demand, adapt and comply with all issues regarding security and regulations in force.